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Mixed bouquets in Dnipro

Mix bouquets - a large selection of bouquets of different flowers, here they are presented as various combinations of flowers of local and imported varieties, in the autumn and summer period the abundance of colors is amazing, bouquets with shades of orange, purple, crimson, scarlet and other flowers can be collected in mix composition in a box or mix-bouquet.

Packaging and decoration of a mix-bouquet

A large selection of packaging will perfectly decorate the already formed bouquet of exotic flowers, our experienced staff, florists and couriers will deliver your bouquet to the specified address, there is also a tab for the text with congratulations or descriptions to the mix bouquet, where you can express all your emotions to the recipient of the mix of the bouquet!

Mixed bouquets in Dnipro with decoration from the best florists of the city and delivery along the Dnieper and the region .

What flowers are included in the mix-bouquet?

Seasonal flowers, roses, orchids, cotton are used for the arrangement of the bouquet, exotic flowers are placed in bouquets with a cost of ~ $ 70 For a mix of exotic filling, there can be protea, vanda orchid, amarylis, & nbsp; strelitzia, hydrangea, lotus.
Our clients love the mix of flowers because they stand perfectly and for a long time, have all kinds of color palette for every taste. & nbsp;

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