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Expensive, premium bouquets of flowers and compositions. 

Elite, expensive bouquets in the Dnieper. We are a large floristic studio that offers an extensive selection of exotic, exquisite bouquets of the elite and premium segment in the city of Dnipro. We also organize an order and flower delivery in Dnipro & nbsp; to your home, & nbsp; to the office or to the hotel apartment, airport.

Elite flowers in the Dnieper

If you need to congratulate a business partner in Dnipro, meet a delegation at the airport, present to respectable people of the city Dnipro flowers and premium quality bouquets .

The order of prices for luxury and expensive bouquets

Prices for expensive bouquets range from $ 200 and more, as a rule, these are bouquets of huge roses, peonies in various designs, flowers of exotic content and large boxes of flowers. Also bouquets of 333, 555 and 1000 roses are the choice of wealthy clients for their beloved ones or for an elite wedding.

The most expensive flowers and bouquets

Probably the most expensive were bouquets of peonies, this is the most coveted and expensive flower of those that are usually ordered for important clients.
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