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Meter, long roses

When an event is especially important or it is necessary to emphasize a person's status or significance, then high meter roses are something that will impress with their greatness!

Buy high meter roses in Dnipro in our company inexpensively

A meter rose strikes the imagination not only with the beauty of the flower, but also with the majesty, solemnity that infuse the soul at the sight of it. If you decide to impress with a gift and present such flowers for a non-trivial special occasion, please contact us. We have the opportunity to select the required rose color in the right quantity in the presence of the buyer, as well as complete the order and deliver long roses to the specified address.

When do you buy long roses?

Giving flowers is always appropriate. At the same time, there are situations when an ordinary bouquet will not make the proper impression, will go unnoticed. When it is necessary to create a special solemn atmosphere, to preserve the memory of some event forever, it is reasonable to present roses on a long stem. These flowers are also more practical than ordinary flowers, as they last longer.

On Long Roses

Long roses are called by florists Ultimate Rose. Different varieties fall under this category, which grow to a length of 1m or more. It is important to know that flowers are grown naturally; to achieve such a stem length, harmful fertilizing, fertilizers, hormones are not used. Common signs of Ultimate Rose:

  • height over 1m;
  • an even stem with few thorns, thinner than that of a regular flower;
  • large buds.

The longest varieties are Forever Young and Explorer. Forever Young is translated into Russian as "forever young". This is in keeping with an important quality of these flowers: they stay fresh and fragrance for up to two weeks after being cut. Most often these are red or burgundy roses, but there are also other colors: pink, white, yellow. The petals are velvety. Explorer has larger buds than Forever Young and is usually dark crimson in color.

The cost of huge roses

Florists testify that flowers of this kind on a bush are very hardy and persistent. The same qualities are manifested in a container with water. At the same time, for their transportation, special conditions must be observed: temperature regime and humidity level. In other conditions, they may freeze or wither. The significant price of such a flower in comparison with other varieties of roses is predetermined by these circumstances.

Bouquets of long roses in our store

Professionals - florists work in our store in Dnipro, who will advise the buyer and help create a gorgeous bouquet of long roses. You can choose from the bouquets we have. The most affordable - from 700 to 1500 UAH - is a bouquet of a luxurious Dutch rose of the same color with a large bud measuring 7-8 cm. The color and number of roses is chosen by the buyer. The design is ordered by the client.

The price of a bouquet of 101 one-color roses is more than 9 thousand UAH. Discounts are provided. Discount is offered for bouquets of white and red flowers. The bouquet is ordered by phone or on the Internet, informing the requirements:

  • number of flowers in a bouquet;
  • rose color;
  • detailed address and delivery time.

Our company guarantees the delivery of fresh flowers within the time specified in the order.