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Bouquet of peonies in a box: buy peonies in a box

Peony is the King of flowers, and as the king of flowers is supposed to have, peonies should occupy a special place, therefore the "throne" for peonies is a box, which perfectly fits a bouquet starting from 9 peonies. Peonies in a box look very elegant and royally expensive! A hat box keeps peonies fresh for as long as possible, and a box of peonies can also decorate the table of a celebration at a wedding, in a restaurant or at home! We offer a large assortment of peonies in boxes, both white and pink and crimson peonies.

The boxes in which the peonies will be delivered can also be of different colors: red, pink, white, blue, light green, denim! We have a large assortment of boxes for your bouquet of peonies! Clarify the availability of peonies