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Roses in a box and bouquets with roses in boxes

Decorating a bouquet of roses in a box is not only a modern aesthetics, but also taking care of flowers from the beginning. A box of roses is filled with an oasis saturated with water. & Nbsp; & nbsp; A bouquet with roses in boxes of any color can be ordered and bought in a minute.

Present a box of roses on the occasion of a celebration or as a sign of warm feelings

If you want to pay attention, striking the imagination of a loved one - contact us. Our company specializes in the sale of beautiful flowers, in particular, roses, creating compositions on their basis. Rose in a box - such a combination of words is incomprehensible to the uninitiated. However, in our time florists widely use such compositional solutions: flowers in a gift box. Our company offers various options for compositions at a low cost. Employees advise buyers on which composition is suitable for an occasion that celebrates a beautiful present.

Rose - the queen of flowers

Since ancient times, people have admired the beauty of roses, perceived these flowers as a symbol of majestic beauty. The altars of the temples were decorated with such flowers. There is no place in the world where bush roses are not grown. A huge variety of rose varieties are known that are grown:

  • for the purpose of decorating country houses and plots;
  • for pink bouquets and various flower arrangements.

Rose is a companion of the most important stages of a person's life - the joys of being and leaving life: brides and tombs of the dead are decorated with such flowers.

Flower arrangements

A flower arrangement is created to express feelings. Red and white roses are a declaration of love, yellow, as accepted by florists, symbolize friendship, and dark pink - gratitude. An armful of flowers, only plucked from the bush, always looks touching, but no less touching is the currently fashionable box with roses. We create such compositions in our company. Usually a hat box is used, shapes and sizes are chosen according to the number of colors. Roses are used:

  • one or different colors;
  • the same color, but different shades;
  • same or different length;
  • in combination with other flowers, green leaves and twigs.

By order of the buyer, flower arrangements are created in the shape of a letter, heart, or pattern. We offer an original set of Macaroon cookies with rose head flowers. The boxes are tastefully decorated with ribbons of different colors and textures.

How to order roses in a box in our company?

In our company, it is easy to place an order or buy a bouquet of excellent roses in a box. Experts will tell you for what event this or that color befits, the shape of the composition from a box of roses, what combinations with other flowers will testify to the taste of the one who gives flowers. You will indicate the length and number of flowers. From roses, at your request, they will create a picture in a box, the indicated letter, the shape of a heart.

You can choose the design of the box, additional components for the gift - children's toys, sweets. We offer as an attachment to a gift huge shaggy bears - 1m and 2m long. Such a bear will entertain and cause tenderness in the heart of a person of any age. The customer also has the opportunity to choose the design of the box. Depending on the number of flowers and applications, the price of rose compositions in a box is from UAH 1111. up to UAH 3357 and more. The Internet, as in other cases, will help you quickly order a bouquet without wasting time on city trips. Delivery is provided to buyers in Dnipro.

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