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Return and refund policies

The return and refund policies of the goods received is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine: Article 9 of the Law on Consumer Rights:

Article 9. The rights of living with dandy goods

Anchor 1. Now you have the right to exchange non-food items of proper quality for similar goods at the seller, in a certain type of purchase, but the product is not satisfied with the shape, size, style, color, and shame, but you cannot take it for the first time.

AnchorSpozhivach is the right to exchange goods of properly worn goods with a stretch of fourteen days, not a long day of purchase, but only three rows are not dealt by the seller.

Anchor {Paragraph of another part of the first article 9 of the Law, introduced by the Law of the Law No. 2741-VI of 02.12.2010}

Anchor About the goods of properly worn goods, it’s possible that you don’t have any problems, and that you’ve saved a lot of commodity luggage, good authority, seals, labels, as well as a rose-colored document and visions that we will sell the goods at once.

AnchorPerelik goods, which does not mean exchange (turnaround) with a statement, the value of these articles, hardened by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Anchor 2. As a result, at the time of exchanging the same product, there is a lot of sales, right now, you have the right to receive an additional assortment of more than one out of date, but if you have an agreement, you will have more than one item to buy nadhodzhennі vіdpovіdnogo product in sales. I’m selling goiters for the day I need the goods in sales. I’m talking about selling goods, and I’m talking about goods.

Anchor 3. In case of a rose purchase agreement, sale and sale of a rose flower іz is a good idea to fall out of time with the product for the hour of purchase. Pennies, paid for goods, turn around right on the day of signing the contract, and at the same time turn pennies on the day of signing the contract - in the last lines for the homeowner side, but no longer last seven days.

Flower-market.dp.ua in accordance with the current legislation is obliged to return funds for the purchased goods (cash or transfer to the card) at the customer’s choice, if within 14 days from the date of purchase the goods will be returned by the recipient in the original condition, the goods were not used by the recipient and saved marketable condition. Return of goods and receipt of the full amount upon return is carried out at the address of the outlet Ukraine, Dnipro, Polygon 18, contact phone +38 096 677 22 86

Flower delivery to Dnepropetrovsk from 9:30 to 20: 00, free of charge, Sat, Sun from 11:00 to 20:00.

7:00 to 9:30 Mon-Fri and 11:00 Sat, Sun, and from 20:00 to 23:00 Delivery is charged separately.

At night Urgent orders "right now" after 23:00, are paid by the scheme: UAH 200 per night delivery courier call + postage in your area + cost of colors (at night only in the range of Dutch rose).

Free delivery is within the city limits, except as outlined below.

Areas in the city that takes extra fee on delivery:

w / m. Igren
Kirovske (Orlovsjina)
Peredovaya str.
st. Brothers Trofimovykh

Shipping on March 8, February 14, at the New Year holidays made during the working days (without specifying an exact time.)

We are happy to serve customers who require delivery of flowers to Kiev, because it is our focus on one city allows us to achieve a high level of service, reduce costs and deliver flowers to flowers to Dnepropetrovsk absolutely FREE.

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