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Blue roses in Dnepropetrovsk

  • Blue roses
  • Blue roses
  • Blue roses
  • Blue roses
  • Blue roses
80cm. 6cm.
Can deliver in a: 240min. *

  • exclusive bouquet of blue roses
  • height 80 cm
  • Do not painted automobile paint!
  • Do not insist on ink!
  • 75 pieces to choose
  • satin ribbon
  • washing instructions
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The four elements, they are the same elements - earth, water, air and fire are the foundation of the world, but it is believed that the power of the mysterious and inexplicable answers the fifth element ...
We offer you an exclusive siniyu rose! They do not paint automotive paint and do not insist on ink! They retain their freshness almost as much as the usual roses!

75 pieces to choose from blue rose (produced in Ukraine) of 80 cm!