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70cm. 60cm. 6cm.
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Composition: 51 orange rose 

Really bright bouquet of roses! Orange flame of your love, embodied in 51 beautiful flower.

Orange tongues of flame does not burn. Oh no, they are warm, light, pleasing your most favorite people - it's the flame of your love and your warmth! 

Bouquet of orange roses (among other things, more than fifty of them here - 51 bud, to be precise) is best to give your favorite. And yet it is possible to present sister, if you are truly great relationship, and she happened very, very important event. Or sincerely esteemed colleague. Or vigorous and positive boss. In general, roses - this royal flowers that are appropriate in any important situation! 

The bouquet with orange roses there is nothing superfluous: only fire flowers and concise package, repeating their fiery hue. And this is the case, when the simplicity of the decor is the best indicator of the donor's taste!